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First Time for Everything: Three Ingredient Pancakes

Pancakes. They are a breakfast staple across the world. France got fancy and made thin ones called crepes. China went nuts and put potatoes and onions in them. Japan wasn’t about to be outdone so they took that idea and slapped sauce on top of it and called it okonomiyaki. Pancakes are everywhere. I’ve had them and you’ve had them and, if you live in a town that does 24 hour diners, you eaten them at an ungodly hour when you were drunk. Personally, I’ve always come down on the waffle side of the pancake/waffle divide, but don’t worry, I’m not some kind of militant anti-pancake waffle activist. We can all live together under maple syrup. I’ve never made either pancakes or waffles before. Baking is my Achilles’ Heel in the kitchen, so pretty much anything involving flour is out. Plus, pancakes cost about three bucks at a breakfast place, […]