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Wanky Thinkpieces: Legalized Gay Marriage in America

Look guys, I know that you have already heard everyone’s opinions on gay marriage. You’re either happy or appalled and the discussions on the matter have been droning on for years and the recent Supreme Court decision means that everyone has to tell everyone else their opinions on the matter. This is mine. Honestly, I’m just so psyched for gay people. How validating it must be. The United States temperature probably went up two degrees as millions of people collectively breathed a sigh of relief. Does this mean that discrimination for gay people is over? Of course not. It probably never will be. Not completely. People fear things that are different and some portion of the population is always going to be at least partially creeped out by weiners or butts or vaginas getting mashed together in a way that is different from how they like to mash up their […]