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First Time for Everything: Room Escape Game

Escape games are a subgenre of point and click adventure games that has emerged in recent years. These games usually start with the player locked in a room, car, phone booth, etc. with little to no explanation as to how they got there. The player must follow a trail of clandestine clues and games to find keys and codes that will eventually allow the player to escape. Imagine if Saw were more playful or Rube Goldberg was more masochistic. In a classic case of life imitating art, live action escape games have been opening up in major cities. Brisbane has four different ones, each with more than one scenario. Sydney, Austin, Melbourne, San Antonio, London, and New York all have at least one live escape game operating, generally with at least two scenarios. All of them appear to have opened after 2013, so the business is both new and rapidly expanding. I gathered a group […]