First Time for Everything: Oculus Rift

First Time for Everything is a blog format I am working on that involves trying something for the first time and then writing about it. It’s an endeavor in both trying to write more often and trying something new every week, thus breaking the cycle of constantly going home and watching Netflix. The Brisbane Powerhouse is currently featuring a small festival called IRL Digital Festival, which mostly features videogames and digital art. I’m generally a big fan of both of those things and I happened to be at the Powerhouse anyway, so we hit a magic intersection here between interest and convenience. There are a lot of exhibits on display, all with varying levels of functionality and wankiness, but the exhibit that interested me most is the Oculus Rift. The Oculus Rift is the new current frontrunner in the world of Virtual Reality. The Rift, developed by Oculus VR, is […]

Time Zones

Australia is about 15 hours ahead of America, depending on specific time zones and daylight savings statuses on any given day. It makes sense given that the two countries are on opposite sides of the planet and that pesky International Date Line is right in the middle. When I speak to someone back home, it is always pretty early/late for one of us and on a different day. It’s pretty weird talking to your friends and they’re all drunk at a party on a Friday and you just woke up on the following Saturday. I have a hard time wrapping brain around the fact that we are existing at the same time, but at such different times. So I have taken to talking to people like I am in the future. Yeah, it’s pretty funny. The first time. If you talk to friends who are drunk at night, but for […]

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is an amazing paradox of a holiday. We all do it when nobody wants it. The sentiment behind it feels powerful: show someone that you love how much you love them. That’s great. That’s beautiful. It’s easy to take the person closest to you for granted and it’s a good idea to have occasional reminders to make an effort to demonstrate some real affection. Unfortunately, Valentine’s Day has become more of a burden to everyone, instead of a whimsical, romantic holiday. Single adults have a glaring reminder of being single during a holiday that specifically excludes them. Children are forced to prepare personalized valentines for everyone in class, regardless of their level of friendship. Couples obliged to run around buying the same roses and chocolates every year and book in advance to crowded restaurants with special holiday-priced menus, surrounded by countless other couples going through the same motions […]


I am a grown ass man and I still daydream about having super powers. Pretty much every day. I know plenty of people my age who are doctors, lawyers, and businesspeople with busy professional lives and families, while I still zone out about flying in between writing new jokes about kangaroos or whatever. I’ve been doing this since I was 12 years old. The difference being that now I have 20 years of experience daydreaming about superpowers, so now I’m super good at it. There are genuine debates raging on inside my skull about which set of superpowers I would pick out for myself. Which is ridiculous, because no one gets to pick their origin story. That’s for fate to decide. The radioactive spider has to bite you. You can’t bite the radioactive spider. Why should I even have to pick one set of superpowers? It’s just going on inside […]

Queensland Elections

Queensland is having political elections tomorrow and I cannot vote in them. I’m not a citizen. I would love to vote. I really would. I live here and I pay taxes and I have a driver’s licence and I’m generally an adult, so I have an opinion. Like everyone else out there, I think my opinion is smarter and more righter than everyone else’s. Voting comes with a certain responsibility. You have to stand by your choice for the people you vote in to office. You don’t get to complain about their policies, because you gave them the power to make those policies. The only time you get to complain is when you voted for the other guy (or gal). Deciding not to vote is even worse. That’s just a passive choice for the eventual winner. No one wants to hear your lazy opinions anyway. Not being allowed to vote […]